Innovation & impact
 Storytelling & adding value

Business Development

Do you want to grow with added value? We map out the uniqueness of your business in terms of value base and purpose and define opportunities and long term added value. 

  • Choose strategies that are important for the company’s profitability in the market. 

  • Integrate the priorities in the company’s core business for the benefit of the company and the society. 

  • Make good choices and inspire the company to become a cultural winner for the management and the employees. 

Our business development team has more than twenty years of experience in value based leadership, strategy planning, branding and sustainable development.

Innovation and Impact

How do we transform action into value? When the strategies and actions are defined, how do you integrate them with your brand and how will you communicate this authentically to your market? We transform strategies and action plans into visual communication. This gives you a unique standing in an ever-growing market.

  • Documentation on the impact and how to make a meaningful progress.

  • We help you decide how and where to implement added value and sustainability topics internally and externally. 

  • We develop a plan for implementation and can support you with the design process. 

  • We define if, and where there is a need for a larger rebranding process.


Our Creative Director has twenty years’ experience in brand building.


Adding Value and Storytelling

How do you tell your story when all the strategy, actions and brand communication is in place? We help you to define impact for the company and society through fact-based information which can be used internally and externally. 

  • We initiate various actions to bring out the company’s added value through storytelling, film production, podcasts or interviews with facts and results.


Our production company has broad international experience in storytelling for the sustainable markets and different topics.


Do you need to find the best recourses in yourself to reach your goal in your personal life or in your business? Through coaching conversations, we define your ultimate potential for personal growth or the next stages for your business.

International certification. NLP Business Practitioner and Quantum Leap Business Coach from CoachTeam, House of Leadership, The University of Agder. CoachTeam is approved by The Norwegian Coaching Association and by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and the course participants are certified according to these standards.

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