Passionate About Inspiring Others

I love to inspire the business to achieve additional benefits and values in sustainable development. My driving force is to find innovate business methods that cultivate the uniqueness of your business in order to make meaningful progress. Companies who integrates sustainability into their core business will create value, growth and be more prepared for future expectations. Collaboration is a success factor for long-term value creation, and I do like to lead the way to new cross-collaboration and open new doors that can be beneficial for better business and sustainable development.


Through nine inspiring years in Fairtrade Norway, it has been interesting to follow the progress in Norway with a greater focus on sustainability, but there is still a way to go. It has been a valuable lesson and experience to work with challenges in developing countries and see how important it is that we in Norway make good choices that safeguard people, the environment and to achieve economic growth.   


In all of my positions, I have had a strong focus on financial management growth and ensuring safe control and routines for the organization. I see the big picture and have completed structural changes in order to build a strong organization with good results. Including strategic planning, implementing and following up international contacts. That means close collaborations with companies, the Governments and other non profit organizations as well as conducting major negotiations in public and private sector.   

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