About Kvantesprang

Passionate about inspiring others

Future Impact

My driving force in Kvantesprang is to create added value for companies and organizations that provides profitability and has a positive impact on national and global challenges.

When you create added value for your business, you make your work more meaningful to your customers, employees and environment. The implementation of the prioritized actions create a personal engagement and growth that benefits the society.


Who doesn’t want to be competitive and prepared for the expectations of the future?

Creating profitable growth in a fast-changing world isn’t easy. There are many directions to choose from and the competition is constantly increasing.


Kvantesprang is your partner, bridge builder or coach developing strategies and identity for the future. The driving force in our team is to develop methods that cultivate the uniqueness of the brand in order to create long-term values with significance. We possess a combined expertise in coaching, business development, implementation of team culture, innovative methods, branding and storytelling. We can also be a bridge builder between the companies and the non-profit organizations unifying their expertise to enhance profit and a sustainable future. Our foundation is mapping the opportunities, defining actions as well as implementation on all levels. We can further develop your new added value into the core of your brand building. This defines the uniqueness in the brand and creates impact in your storytelling.


Together we transform the effort into value, and include sustainability initiatives into the company’s core business. This way you are more prepared to meet the expectations of the future.


We make meaningful progress for the futures companies!

Marianne Størseth

CEO/Founder Kvantesprang